Hello! My name is Lukas Erlacher. I am a hacker (thus the glider in the logo) from Germany.

A while ago - in April 2015 - I finished my Master’s degree in April 2015 at Technical University of Munich. Until May 2017, I worked there as a systems engineer for the IT department’s IT department.

I have twenty years of experience trying to make computers do what I want them to do. I’ve worked as a HTML/PHP/MYSQL/JOOMLA web dev, administered small and medium networks and computing infrastructure, written desktop apps, developed highly-parallel optimization clusters before GPGPU was really a thing (I already had HLSL, so it was bearable), developed the control system and electronics for a battery-electric prototype car, and spent ten years at Technical University of Munich.

I have a strong background in networking and embedded development. I prefer backend work to frontend and establishing correctness by proof to approximating correctness by testing. I am proficient in C, Python, and C#. I’m also capable of using Java, Lua, and PHP and hacking something up in JS if needed.
My operating system focus is GNU/Linux.

As you might be able to deduce from the site design (only slightly adapted from the hakyll default site), I’m not a web designer. I’m the kind of person who uses the “Windows Classic” desktop theme and prefers the console to GUI applications.