SSH Reverse Tunnel

Posted on December 23, 2017

This is a neat trick to keep a device sitting behind NAT reachable as long as it can make outbound SSH connections.

You need an endpoint for the tunnel to connect to, of course - this can be any host that has an SSH server and a stable connection to the internet.

Here is the script to establish the SSH connection with the reverse tunnel:

To test this, simply run the SSH command from your device:

ssh -i $IF -o "ServerAliveInterval=60" -o "ExitOnForwardFailure=yes" -R 19999:localhost:22 $ADDR -N

And on your endpoint, run:

ssh -P 19999 user@localhost

This also works as a SSH proxy connection that you can configure in your ssh config:

Host name.prox
Hostname localhost
User user
Port 19999
ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p user@endpoint
ServerAliveInterval 10

Once you’ve got it working, you can turn it into a systemd service (replace the path and the USER!):

And on the endpoint, you can monitor the SSH connection, e.g. with monit:

This will send you an e-mail whenever the tunnel stops working.