Getting LPCExpresso 7 to run on arch linux 64-bit

Posted on April 12, 2014
archlinux, lpcexpresso, embedded, lib32

You need to install a couple of lib32 libraries to get LPCExpresso to work on a 64-bit archlinux.

First set up the multilib repo.

Now let’s translate the files needed for Ubuntu 64bit according to the user guide to arch 64 packages:

libgtk2              -> multilib/lib32-gtk2
libxtst6             -> multilib/lib32-libxtst
libpangox            -> multilib/lib32-pango
libidn11             -> multilib/lib32-libidn
libglu1-mesa         -> multilib/lib32-glu
libncurses5          -> multilib/lib32-ncurses
libudev1             -> multilib/lib32-systemd
libpangox-ft         -> aur/lib32-pangox-compat
libusb-1.0           -> aur/lib32-libusb
libusb-0.1           -> aur/lib32-libusb-compat
gtk2-engines-murrine -> aur/lib32-gtk-engine-murrine

Install those packages. I use cower to install stuff from aur.

Now grab the LPCExpresso Installer from the LPCExpresso linux download page and run it. Reboot.

You should be done!